• The “SAP Certified Associate Utilities with SAP ERP 6.0” certification exam verifies that the candidate possesses proven skills and fundamental knowledge of the SAP for Utilities industry solution. It proves that the candidate has a good and overall understanding within this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects under guidance of an experienced consultant. Certification is recommended as an entry-level qualification for consultants participating in SAP for Utilities projects.

Topic Areas

Please see below the list of topics that may be covered within this certification and the courses that cover them. Its accuracy does not constitute a legitimate claim; SAP reserves the right to update the exam content (topics, items, weighting) at any time.

Billing and Invoicing > 12%

Create billing rate categories and rate types, define billing rates, prices and discounts. Process an individual bill. Process an invoice. 

  • IUT110 (EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0)

Create master data > 12%

Create technical master data objects and business master data objects. Adapt and enhance data objects for complex requirements and create master data for deregulated markets. 

  • IUT210 (EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0)

Customer Service > 12%

 Log remarks about customer contacts and interaction records, process move-in and move-out requests, and create a service order. 

  • IUT110 (EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0)

Configure basic functions 8% – 12%

Create regional structures, set up scheduling, create agent determinations, set up batch scheduling, and set up standard reports for financial reporting. 

  • IUT110 (EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0)

Device Management: manage devices 8% – 12%

Display all devices for a customer and identify the device categories, and view the device connection data. Install, remove and replace a device, and determine device location. 

  • IUT110 (EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0)

FI-CA: Manage payments 8% – 12%

Display the dunning history of a contract accountand create an installment plan. Display financial information about a customer account.

  • IUT110 (EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0)

FI-CA: Post items 8% – 12%

Post receivable items, payments using a payment lot, and payments at cash desk. Post a return. 

  • IUT110 (EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0)

Validate integration 8% – 12%

Test integration with SAP General Ledger and integration with SAP CRM.

  • IUT110 (EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0)

Device Management: process meter readings < 8%

View meter reading results and process scheduled and un-scheduled meter readings. 

  • IUT110 (EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0)